About Painted People Soap Co.

We’re a skincare boutique specializing in handmade natural skincare products. We’re proudly located inside of Painted People Tattoo Company, where Asia is a co-owner of both services. All of our products are handmade, locally sourced, and are made with mostly natural ingredients.

Painted People Soap Company humbly started as a tattoo aftercare product (to help our clients’ tattoos heal faster), and expanded to skincare solutions ranging from an aide in various skin issues and skin beauty products for women and men.

We feature several kinds of natural handmade soap, natural oils, shimmers, bath bombs, lip balms, naturally scented candled, tattoo aftercare, and more, and we ship our products around the globe. Come check us out!

Our Promise

We promise to  our customers, do our best to  deliver the best products and service that’s always friendly, respectful and thoughtful. We promise to deliver the best quality skincare  products, to the highest industry standards., and we’re proud to put our name on it. 

Monday - Saturday
12PM – 6PM
Monday - Saturday
12PM – 6PM

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